Thursday, 10 January 2008

Still not started, but not long now.

Well I have my insurance, I have some padlocks, mozy spray and net. I think I am about ready to go. I even have a place to stay for the first 4 days in Mumbai. at least I have an email telling me I do. I'll see how it pans out when I get there. It should keep my sister happy, that I have somewhere to stay. I haven't even left yet and I am being nagged. I can't understand why I want to go.
I did not know that rupees cannot be purchased in the UK, at least not leagally. I wonder if this is an Indian government scam to get foreign currency into the country, or they don't want to hand out their hard made cash to any old Tom, Dick or Gil.
I have even had a practice pack. The less said about that the better. My fins and mask are in, so I should be OK if it rains.
I have my Lonely Planet, a real tome that is, but a necessity, especially for someone as organised as me, it will be somewhere to rest my head when I don't have anywhere to stay.
I guess India is going to be a lot of hustle bustle and getting nowhere fast. That is what getting the visa was like. A lot of activity to very little end. It was good practice for what is to come I reckon. I will know in a week or so. Not long now. I am starting to look forward to it. I am not the most excitable of blokes, but it is starting to sink in now that I will soon be on the way.
The Granddaughter is around tonight and it makes me realise how much I will miss her.
I must be getting soft and old, but I reckon a few days in India will sort that out. I wont have time to get old.
I am not looking forward to the squat toilets. The old FSHD does not lend itself to squatting. I had a practice, only the squatting. I think I am going to get into some states. I need to get a method worked out. I think it is called constipation.
I was going try a serious pack tonight, but dancing with my granddaughter and trying to get her to the next level on her Nintendo Ds has put paid to that. She is good fun, no wonder I am so young. Mind you we have been dancing to "Sweet Little Sixteen", the Clash and the Proclaimers, so perhaps she is old berore her time, or just has good taste and you can dance to 500 miles by the Proclaimers, in fact you can jive to it.
Off to bed now, early start for the school run, well more of a wiggle than a run, but we get there.
The next installment may be from Inida, or Vietnam, or Cambodia, or Aus, or NZ or anywhere. Your guess is as good as mine.
Tot dan.