Saturday, 9 February 2008

More chilling in Candolim Goa.

30/1 - Tea and toast by the pool again. When I went to pay today, a different lad, Ramas, told me it was included. His mate looked a bit sheepish after charging me yesterday, but never offered to repay me.
Decided to work on my trains for the next few locations, I managed about 3 in 3 hours. Some run 1 day a week, so 3 or 4 others daily. When I think I have sorted it out, I realise it does not run the day I want. I need a secretary, female and beautiful, not too fussy ay?
Went to the Post Office to post my first postcards. The place is well camoflauged. I walked past it 3 times before I found it, after asking 3 people. It was upstairs from a primary school. I should have known really. Went in I was the only one in the queue, but still managed 2 chapters of my book, before I got may stamps, with a smile I must add.
That is the way it works, be cool, I'll be with you as soon as I finish what I am doing.
Did a few lengths of the pool, it's only little, hit the www and went to work on my beach bum impression with my book down at Big Blue on the beach. Guess who I bumped into at Big Blue. Correct, the ubiquitous Walter. He came over for a couple of interesting chats during his 6 or so attempts to leave. He never got any further than another table and was going around in a circle. He knows where tonights party is, but I think I'll have a quiet night, after watching the sun go down. I love sitting down here for the last few hours of sunlight. Walter has a glow about him too, just like the sun. I have met him everyday so far and enjoyed the craic everytime. I cant help but like him. He flits from table to table and every table is laughing whilst he is there. He recited a poem to me today and made me write it down. Today he is a gypsy. I think there may be some truth in that story, but who knows? He was a Shoalin monk at one point too, I forget how that came about. I hope I am in as good form as he is when I am 64. "Will you still need me, will you still feed me........"
Walters recital:-
Look at this life,
Because this is the very life of life
In its brief course lies all the realities of your existence
The bliss of growth
The glory of action
The splendour of achievment
Look well forth to the dawn.

Kushty bok Gil. Your journey will lead you to your Nirvana.
I don't know where it comes from, but it fits this place and Walter and Me for that matter.
Kushty bok Walter.
So, what do you reckon, gypsy or monk, or just a 25 year old 64?

31/1 - Couldn't get away from the tea and toast by the pool. The Brits on holiday love to chat. Eventually managed to sidle away and do some packing, moving on tomorrow. Then another one of those days at the office in Goa, relaxed, chilled, just mosying through life. Those seem to be the only type of days at the beach in Goa.
I am ready to move on though. It would be easy to stay in Candolim, Goa has that affect on you, life is easy here, but 4 days at the beach is enough for a while.
Decided to have an early night and just go to the restaurant opposite the hotel. It is the Moonlight bar. The early night got quashed when it took an hour for the meal to turn up and when it did, they weren't Northern portions. I think they were soft southern jessy portions.
Well that is Candolim, Goa. I can see why people stay here. It is an easy life and a good place to base yourself, so you can come back and chill after getting wound up by the hustle bustle of some Indian places. I could well be back.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

And so to the beach in Goa.

28/1 The 8.00 am check out time was a blessing in disguise. Up and off for breakfast at my adopted haunt, Yahir's. It is a right at the bottom of January 31st street and opposite Sify Iway, the internet place. Tea and Toast and off to pick up my dhobi. Packed it and off to tackle the foot bridge. It was no problem with my stick. It was more difficult to get on the bus.
Got off the bus, a stop early, but not far away. Loaded up myself and wandered about 10 yds and there was Walter wandering towards me, smiling and greeting me. He still looks spaced out and is still ultra friendly. Plodded to the Ave Maria Beach Resort, but the beach must have moved since it was built. I thought the Rs 800 was a bit much, but the lads are friendly and it is in a good spot between the road and beach. I was not too keen on coming to the beaches, but this area of Goa strikes me as relaxed and I have only been here a couple of hours and I spent those sat on my balcony going over my Enriched Air Course, so I can dump the book. A job well done and I am well chilled without even leaving the room.
Wandered off to the beach and sat in the shade of "the Beach Shack" for a brew and a honey coconut pancake. I may well be tempted to stay at the beaches in Goa a while longer than planned, but I may get fed up of the beaches after a couple of days, we'll see.
Prices, as to be expected are a little higher in a resort. Rs 20/25p for a litre of water and Rs35/50p for a bottle of beer. I wish it was that dear back home. I think I am definitely a beach bum in the making.
Hit the surf after getting my lounger and umbrella, Rs 50/60p. It is wild and warm and good fun coming in on the waves. A bit dodgy getting out, but you can't keep a good man down, no matter how many times you knock him over, only the once.
Back to the lounger and a bit of a read whilst the sun goes down. I think the late start on the beach is a good idea, it should stop me from becoming a pinkie from Blighty.
Got approached in a very casual way to buy some bits from a couple of local ladies, for a manicure and a massage too. She told me she has her nail clippers with her, so I told her so do I. They are good fun to talk to and don't really hussle. One lass told me they only come here after 17:00 as there are guards on the beach, but that is only for this area, I was about 110yds up the beach and got approached at midday yesterday.
True enough the next day a lad got chased with a stick by a guard for trying to sell strawberries. He was off like a shot, strawberries held high in one hand, very clever.
A little lass came up to flog me fruit. "Where you from?"
"You look like a Russian"
"Why do you have a big belly" and I still like her. Her approach line is "Cheaper than Asda price". It seems to be one of the catchphrases around here.
The sun is dropping into the ocean, to be doused for the night, 18:15. My first day on the beach in Goa has been a success, to my surprise. There's a smell around here and I'm sure it's me, or my T-shirt, I have worn it for 2 days now, I have become a beach bum. Time for a shower and see what the night brings.
The main drag is the road that joins all the beaches, so went there for some snap and a beer. Sat in a bar listening to a Jazz quartet. It is OK, but a bit unfriendly, people seem to be keeping themselves to themselves, or I have not found the right bars yet. I'll try the beach tomorrow night.
29/1 - Easy start to the day, tea and toast by the pool Rs75, then a wander into town for some shopping, don't get your hopes up, not pressy shopping. Walking along the road, I nearly got buried in a pile of animal shit, must have been a bloody big cow. It wasn't, walked around the corner and there stood the elephant with 5 or 6 priests in tow. "Take a picture" was their cry, probably for a sub. I have just put the camera card into the shop for transfer to CD. Good timing Gil. The camera shop I was sent to only looked like a camera shop because of the Kodak advert outside, inside it sold all sorts, but it did the job, typically for India so far. Lots of things aren't what them seem.
Down the beach in the early afternoon, pot of tea and a pineapple pancake, then hit the surf again. Life is terrible.
Showered and off to pick up the photo CD. Guess who I bumped into, no not the elephant, Walter, he was with an Irish lad, both looked like they had been getting a bar tan. He's a character in the best sense of the word. He has invited me for a beer at Big Blue on the beach later. Waddled along the beach to a restaurant, where the Jazz quartet from last night are playing. Went in and nearly took a dive, hit a slightly raised floorboard, but my highly toned muscles kept me upright. Got a negative look from a lady watching me. I think I will get a T-shirt saying "I'm not a drunk, I am a stunt man in training"
I forgot to tell you about the young lad selling bananas this afternoon on the beach. We had a bit of a barter and we settled for an amicable price, even though he told me "You've got a big belly". Kids are straight to the point, it makes me smile. He was another canny kid.
After my sizzling chicken, I wandered down the beach to Big Blue and Walter. There was a party going on for an Indian lady, she is 75. There was free food, too late and free punch, just in time. It was a good crack, mostly Brits. Ray, Walter's mate, used to be in the army, so we pulled up a couple of sandbags and swapped a couple of war stories over punch. How civilised.
I declined on the punch everytime it came around, so was able to navigate myself home OK. Left Walter with his booze, food and whacky baccy. Told you he looked spaced out.
Another good working day in Goa. See you troops.

Photos here perhaps.