Saturday, 21 June 2008

Back in Vinh Long.

24/5 - Nipped out the hotel and did a sharp left hoping to avoid Mr Trung, an old English practicer. He has coffee in the cafe over the road for 3 hours everyday. It was a good move, I stumbled into the food stalls on the market, so I had rice and something, it was good and the iced tea was too. It causes some looks when I wander into these places, I must be more good looking than I thought. The stools are not built for tall lads, but I'm getting used to them, I haven't fallen off one yet, but that will have put the mockers on that. I'll let you know. Moved on to the internet for a while , then a wander and a good old sweat, no wonder I have lost weight. An American lad beckoned me over as I strolled , he wanted to talk to an English speaker. He is married to a lass from Vinh Long and over trying to get har back to the States. They have been married a year and he reckons another 3 months should see her across there. The problem is at the States end . He says if people enter illegally they get looked after, but try to get somwone in legally and it is a different matter. At this point the Grumpy old man ranted about it being similar in another country. Dan, the American, won the lottery in the States last year and gets $1000 a week for the rest of his life. I could handle that, I wouldn't bother working again. He left to go back to his Vietnamese family after showing me the video of the wedding on his mobile. After a bit more of a sit, I went to the internet again . When I went to pay, Dan had paid, but I don't think he knew.
I found out Hull are in the Premier League, that was a shock and Dony play Leeds for a Championship place. That could cause some banter at Dickie's with Matthew. I headed back for a shower, its red hot, then went out in the heat again. How stupid am I? Answers on a postcard to our Mick again.
This town is bigger than I thought, which seems to be the case everywehere I go if I stay long enough to get a good look around.
Back for shower number 3, some early snap and a wander, turning lots of heads again with my beauty, or it could be my walk. I checked out the supermarket and bought a chocolate fix and then sat outside at the cafe chatting to the lottery sellers. It was the usual 20 questions and a laugh. Then back to the noisy hotel. It is never quiet outside this place, just varying levels of noise.

Phu Quoc again.

19/5 - 23/5 This is a short version of Phu Quoc. I even won a raffle to take a lady, but there were only 2 tickets and I had them both. It was all sex, drugs and rock and roll, but I had nothing to do with any of it.
Suffice to say, I had a great chill time and the people at the resort remembered me, even though I didn't stay there last time and made a big fuss of us both.
Perhaps I will get the sex, drugs and rock and roll if I go again.
It was very nice to have a lovely lady on my arm for a few days. I knew it was worthwhile carting that super glue around.
Back to Vinh Long to spend some more time on the Mekong and see what happens.