Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Back to Sydney.

11/6 - Up, some coco pops, I'm a big kid at heart and loaded up to hit the road to Sydney, which was a mistake, as the ferry takes you there, but I didn't get wet. I caught the bus to the ferry after walking here, I didn't need to prove twice I can knacker myself out. It is not that far, but it is raining again, so I took the bus. It is rush hour and the ferry is well packed out, but I got a seat to check out the view, at the wrong end, I went to the same end as I did coming, but the ferries have to bows, so don't turn around. DOH! This is a good way to commute, I could handle this, it is very relaxing. Bikes are allowed onboard too, but I doubt I could handle the hills of Sydney, it is a very hilly city.
Off the ferry and onto the train to Central again. The public transport in Sydney is better than Manly. The first 2 hostels I tried are choca. "No room for you here Mary." they said, so I guess they were full. The 3rd one didn't mind my wiggly walk and gave me a room, they told me the wrong number though, so they didn't like it that much. After the 3rd key change they twigged the number on my card was wrong. $33 for a bunk in a 4 man room. I never get one of these mixed room, but then with my recognition of lady boys, perhaps it is a good thing.
Dumped my gear and headed for the Vietnamese consulate to pick up my visa. The bloke here is a top bloke, really helpful. I changed the dates and was expecting a revisit. He said is 15 minutes OK. Headed back to town for a beer and some nosh. Went to a Vietnamese place, as I'd already been to the consulate. It was a damn site better than Pizza Hut and even more so than my cooking. Headed back for a brew whilst sitting on the balcony. Sounds posher than it was, but it was good and relaxing. Hit the sack for an early start in the morning to New Zealand.

Man in Manly.

9/6 - I've bought myself some cereal, milk and bread to try and block the hole that has developed in my natty pink purse. The money is either dropping out or dissolving inside it. Did a bit on the internet, then went for a wander down the beach to watch the surfers. They are keen. I haven't checked out the water, but I'm cold out of it. Edged my way along the beach prom, bench by bench and had fish and chips on the prom, how cool is that. Just like being on holiday. I wandered back the other way and sat to watch a bit of beach volleyball (Yes there were some women playing), but that is not why I stopped. I wish there had been 3 understanding people wit me, I'd love to have a game. I fielded one of the loose balls and nearly took a lads head off when I served it back to the court, so perhaps it is just as well there are not 3 understanding people. It looks good fun though. There was a surfing competition on or a show. I'm not sure which. It was very clever though, good to watch. There were tandem surfers, where a couple do lifts and movements on the board, bloody show offs. It was good to see.
The Aussies have a days holiday for the Queen's birthday. How does that work? They don't want her, but get a holiday and we don't get one. Sounds like a good rouse to me. The rain chased me off the beach, so I went shopping. I decided I'd cook my tea tonight. I haven't cooked for 5 months and I should have kept it that way. It was crap. I read a bit to hope some of the tosh I served myself digested then hit the sack after a lazy wandering day in Manly.

10/6 - I slept in until 9.30, the first time for a long time. I woke up in the night feeling shite, I definitely should not have cooked. I'm good now though. I did a bit of dhobi and had breakfast, then hit the local shopping Mall. Big mistake. Zero haircut and my photos put on a DVD, 25 quid. I nearly fainted. Get me out of here. I did some wingeing to myself. I have stopped asking how much everytime I buy something. I thought that was the Asian way. I thought wrong. I will ask in future before I buy. I did a bit more shopping. I have had to give in to the onset of hypothermia and buy a jumper. It's a tadge cold and the digs are even colder. It was in a sale and not too bad, so I didn't need the smelling salts again.
I decided to hit the prom for the sunset. There are only a few surfers out now, but they turn up for the last few minutes light, they must carry their surfboards in the car, like I carried my golf clubs, always. There is only 1 volleyball game on the go. It's nice down here though. I like Manly. The Aussies get their moneys worth when they build a prom. The foot traffic is non-stop, all ages, sizes and speeds, me bringing up the rear. Tonights top users are Mams with buggies. They chog along in groups giving it 20 to the dozen chatting. The surfing bug is definitely like the golf bug, they are still turning up at last light. Time for a beer I reckon. A pint of Guiness, 3 quid, just like back home. Headed for the digs after the beer and found the real Manly, lots of pubs and surf shops, it's not a bad little place. I could live here. Yet another place in the world that is Gil friendly, so if your name is Gil, hit the road for Manly.
Not having learned my lesson last night, I cooked tea again tonight. It was a better effort than last night. I did a bit of surfing looking for cheap flights. Dan, the English bloke staying here tipped me off to Tiger airways and that Air Asia fly out of the smaller airports in Australia. These 2 don't come up with the search engines. I think Dan has given up on the Papua New Guinea trip.
A bit of box watching and bed again. It's a hard life.